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Download Cheat Engine 6.5 - Cheat engine versi terbaru!

Cheat Engine terbaru telah resmi dirilis dengan versi 6.5. Aplikasi cheating game yang dibuat oleh Dark byte ini secara resmi dirilis pada 31 Desember 2015 dengan banyak perbaikan performa aplikasi.

Download Cheat Engine 6.5 - Cheat engine versi terbaru!

Berikut detilnya :
  • Fixed page exception breakpoints from not working
  • Fixed the save as button in the lua script assigned to the table
  • Fixed the dotnetdatacollector from not fetching parent fields
  • Fixed disassembling of some instructions
  • Fixed assembling some instructions
  • Fixed assembling instructions that referenced address 80000000 to ffffffff in 64-bit targets
  • Fixed dealing with unexpected breakpoints
  • Fixed several issues with the network scanner. (symbols, scanspeed, threads, etc...)
  • Fixed "going to" 64-bit registers.
  • Fixed pointerstrings for 64-bit
  • Fixed the addressparser in memview's hexview not handing static 64-bit addresses
  • Fixed r8 and r9 looking broken in the memoryview window
  • Fixed hotkeys that set a value as hexadecimal and the value is smaller than 0x10
  • Fixed multiline string editing for memory records
  • Fixed dragging cheat tables into CE
  • Fixed VEH debug for 'Modern' apps
  • Fixed several translation issues
  • lua:
  • fixed getStructureCount, writeRegionToFile, readRegionFromFile, readInteger, ListColum.GetCount
  • fixed memoryleak in MemoryStream
Several fixes to DBVM:

  • added support for Windows 10
  • support for more than 8 cpu's
  • support for newer cpu's
  • fixed issue where calling CPUID right after setting the TF flag wouldn't trigger a breakpoint after it
Additions and changes:
  • Array of Byte's can now deal with nibble's. (e.g: 9* *0 90 is now a valid input- and scanstring)
  • The auto assembler can now deal with some mistakes like forgetting to declare a label
  • Added support to use binutils as assembler and disassembler, and a special scripting language for it
  • Added support for 64-bit mono, and script support for cases where mono.dll isn't called mono.dll
  • Added an option to get a list of all recently accessed memory regions. This is useful for the pointerscanner
  • The pointerscanner can now use multiple snapshots (pointermaps) to do a scan. This basically lets you do a rescan during the first scan, saving your harddisk
  • Made the pointerscan network scanner a bit easier to use. You can now join and leave a pointerscan session
  • You can now stop pointerscans and resume them at a later time
  • Pointerscan files can get converted to and from sqlite database files
  • The pointerscan configuration window now has an advanced and basic mode display
  • The all type now has a setting that lets you define what under "all" falls
  • Custom types now also have access to the address they're being used on
  • Split up the "(de)activating this (de)activates children" into two seperate options (one for activate, one for deactivate)
  • Added some basic Thumb disassembling
  • The xmplayer has been replaced with mikmod which supports many different module types (in lua you still call it xmplayer)
  • Rightlicking on "your system supports dbvm" will let you manually load DBVM for each cpu. This is usefull if for some reason your system crashes when it's done too quickly
  • In "Find what addresses this instruction accesses" you can now open the structure dissect window of your choice in case there are others. It will also fill in the base address, so no need to recalculate yourself
  • AA command GlobalAlloc now has an optional 3th parameter that lets you specify the prefered region
  • Added an option to record and undo writes. (Off by default, can be enabled in settings. Memview ctrl+z will undo the last edit)
  • Added aobscanregion(name,startaddress,stopaddress,aob)
  • switched from Lua 5.1 to 5.3
  • debug_setBreakpoint can now take an OnBreakpoint parameter that lets you set a specific function just for that breakpoint
  • added dbk_getPhysicalAddress(int)
  • added dbk_writesIgnoreWriteProtection(bool)
  • added getWindowList()
  • And a bunch of other lua functions. (check out main.lua)

Download Link : Cheat Engine 6.5 Download


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  1. makasih min, sangat membantu

  2. min bisa buat game online ga yah?

    1. Gak bisa gan karena berbeda veriablenya.

  3. Min bisa buat Nfs Carbon ga?

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